NorthWest Mobile Gaming theater that comes to you, requires no setup and no cleanup. NorthWest Mobile Gaming is equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable gaming experience. All we need is a place to park, hands to play and the fun starts right away! If you still have any questions after reading through Q & A, please contact us at 509-845-3560.


How much space is necessary?


We recommend 50ft. We need a fairly level place to park. If you are concerned about your location please contact us about possible solutions. We typically recommend alternative community centers or neighborhood pools. We can make it work!





How much do parties cost?


Prices vary depending on times and events. You will find that our parties are extremely affordable and very competitive with similar options. We work hard to offer fun, affordable parties that everyone will enjoy.





How many people can fit inside?


NorthWest Mobile Game theater allows 12 gamers to play at once inside. The theater holds more than 12 allowing players to rotate in. Our Game Coaches ensure that everyone gets equal playing time and still have a blast.





Is there an age limit?


It appeals to people of all ages. Our experienced Game coaches can offer something simple for the youngest ages to group play for the most experienced gamers. We can even offer alternative things for kids to do.





What games are available?


The NorthWest Mobile Gaming theater comes with a library of games that we are constantly updating. On average we offer a selection of several dozen games with ratings ranging from E to M. If a game can be system linked for multiplayer fun we will typically carry 2-3 copies of that game.





What about hot or cold climates? Bad weather?


NorthWest Mobile Gaming! mobile video game theaters are setup for all weather conditions. NorthWest Mobile Gaming! trailer is insulated and climate controlled. We are able to conduct parties any time of the year.





Do parents have to supervise?


Parents are always welcome inside, but one of the best aspects of a NorthWest Mobile Gaming! party is that the Game Coach manages the entire event. Parents are free to relax inside the house. We do require that one adult remain on site for the event.





Do you need to plug into the house?


No. The NorthWest Mobile Gaming mobile gaming theater is completely self powered. We bring everything gamers need to have a great party and we take the mess with us.





Can I add more time to my event after the event starts?


We at NorthWest Mobile Gaming want to ensure everyone has a great time. As long as time is available, we will allow parties to be extended.